Schenna - A picturesque village on Merano's sunny hill

The quaint village of Schenna, nestled between vineyards and orchards, is situated above Merano. A distant view of a world of alpine mountains radiates peace and tranquillity. Schenna, just 4 km from Merano, connects directly with the Merano 2000 hiking and ski area and ski resort.

Schenna’s individual neighbourhoods are quite diverse in terms of culture and landscape, since the elevation of the village ranges from 600 to 1,500 metres: the higher-altitude areas typify South Tyrol's rural lifestyle, criss-crossed by scenic hiking trails, while the village centre, with its squares, restaurants and many shops, just begs you to take a leisurely stroll through town and do some shopping. 

The historical town centre, with its many churches and the mausoleum of Archduke Johann, is a reflection of Schenna's turbulent history. The imposing Scena Castle, which dates from the fourteenth century, is perched high above the recently renovated town centre.

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