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Merano Vitae – Time for Relaxation

For the fifth time, the Merano Vitae Festival will be held from April to June 2015 in Merano and Environs. Health, as a theme, has a long tradition in the Merano area, and the health festival Merano Vitae calls this to mind.

Merano Vitae Event
During a nighttime hike to the waterfall above Partschins, lovers of nature can learn more about the vitalizing power of water. On a relaxed walk along the Marling irrigation channel path, information and knowledge about the importance of cool water for human health are imparted. On a Kneipp hike with our guide Traudl Schwiebacher, the five life-orders according to Kneipp can be rediscovered; and while walking along the irrigation channel path of Kuens, participants receive firsthand tips and advice for self-massage.

Between the April and May, the Asparagus Days in Nals also take place. For anyone who appreciates exceptional taste experiences, the Dandelion Weeks in Deutschnonsberg are not be missed.

The Herbal Market in Schenna is also a treasure trove of taste. Old varieties of plants and herbal rarities are sold here, and afterwards an herb tour takes place. The Garden and Plant Market in Algund invites plant lovers to prepare for the upcoming gardening season.

Merano Vitae Breakfast and Merano Vitae Experience Locations
Special Merano Vitae Experience Locations amidst the nature of Merano and Environs, should help guests reach a state of well-being and balance. It is well-known that a good day starts with a healthy breakfast. Therefore, selected partners, in the context of the series of Merano Vitae Events, offer a special Merano Vitae Breakfast.

Unusual places in the middle of nature ought to help promote a feeling of well-being and balance. The Partschinser waterfall, the Merano Thermal Baths, the Kraenzelhof labyrinth garden, the Galanthus monastery garden or the Gargazon natural swimming pool distinguish themselves through their water’s vitality, the health-promoting energy, or the healing power of the South Tyrolean plant kingdom.

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